Take Action For Poland

The Transnational Artivism Collective aims to support women, LGBT+ community, and their basic human rights in Poland through Artivist practices. We are a group of women artists and intellectuals not only from Poland but from different countries, who believe in the power of visual language and the capability of art to create change in the world. We aim to create a transnational platform where we can all unite to defend humanist values.


The ruling political party- Law and Justice - breaks laws and disregards basic constitutional rights.  Zbigniew Ziobro said the Instambul Convention to protect women against violence was "harmful" because it required schools to teach children about gender."The aim is to legalise domestic violence," Marta Lempart, an organiser of a march in the city, told Reuters news agency.

He added that reforms introduced in the country in recent years provided sufficient protection for women.

Thousands of women have protested at the move in cities across Poland.

As neo-fascists feel empowered by the government’s rhetoric, the boundaries of what is socially acceptable have shifted so far that many people no longer feel safe. With the support and encouragement from the ruling party, violence, hatred, and lack of respect for human life are prevailing in Poland, rated as the most homophobic countries in Europe in 2020. LGBT+ people are threatened on a daily basis and beaten up on the streets.


Tolerance, understanding, and dialog are long forgotten and replaced by ignorance, hatred, and fear. Through the use of hateful propaganda, the government instigates violence against large parts of society and progressively works on creating an autocratic regime.

We cannot tolerate continuous abuse and violent discrimination of large groups of Polish society and the blatant breaking of the law and what should be considered basic human rights.

We are taking a stand against any sex and gender discrimination. Our Transnational Artivism Collective wants to unite like-minded people from around the world to join us in defense of victims of discrimination, injustice, and violence. Our aim is to advocate for women and lgbt+ human rights in Poland, as they are currently under attack from the ruling party and the state-owned media which fuels pre-existing violence and prejudice for political advantage.

As an antifascist transfeminist art collective, our Transnational Artivism Collective wants to unite like-minded people, artists, activists, writers, and all the people from the creative and cultural industry from around the world to advocate this cause. We are focusing on supporting Women and LGBT+ community in Poland, but we are conscious that gender-based repression and oppression is occurring all over the world in different shades.


We need to resist and fight for change. Let’s stand together.